It’s been a while.

I guess if something remains on your mind for over quite some time and just won’t go away, you’re supposed to stop pondering on and just do it. Hence, here I am again.

Yesterday I came across an app called Slowly – a newly released Pen Pal app which lets you send and receive letters from anywhere in the world, emulating real time delivery time based on the geographical locations and physical distance of both users. In an era of instant gratification, meaningless relationships and empty talks, I’m thankful for whoever created this platform for like-minded people to connect and share their passion and little things in their lives yet being able to preserve their anonymities.

Design is to design a design to produce a design. – John Heskett (2005)

In my first class of Introduction to Graphic Design earlier this evening, I came across this quote again after six years, when I was first introduced to the concept of design and its relationship with the society, the world, our beliefs, and philosophy. It is ubiquitous, therefore it is crucial that designers contemplate hard and take responsibility in their products and the impact they will create.

Slowly is a good design, and this is the last thing I can think of before heading off to bed tonight.

on finishing what you started…

I have a problem. That is, for as long as I can remember, I have a tendency of never finishing what I start – not even food. For instance, before writing this entry right at this very moment, I was in the kitchen prepping for dinner, and halfway through doing it, out of nowhere I decided to take out the dirty clothes for laundry, then ended up leaving everything hanging and got back to my room to finish my half-written email, and here I am, blabbering on my blog for you to read later.

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